Multipourpose machine for pasta and ravioli

Pasta maker group for dough processing, rolling and cutting pasta, noodles, tagliatelle, ramen, angel hair, guitar spaghetti, lasagna and the production of double-sheets separated ravioli stuffed soft filling as meat, cheese, fish and vegetables in various shapes such as squares, rounds, half-moons, triangles, hexagons, fish, mushrooms, hearts, etc. The pasta and ravioli machine consists of:

• Large kneading tank with mixing capacity up to 15 kg

• Laminating unit with a width of 28 cm adjustable from 0 to 4 mm thick with a suitable size for professional lamination which allows to work the dough without any stress, avoiding the consequent heating, guaranteeing a pasta sheets with the ideals of organoleptic qualities. Calibrating rollers assembled on bearings to avoid maintenance and lubrication.

• Double sheet ravioli machine cm 12 width with ø mm 55 roller mounted on lubricated bearings, the amount of filling is adjustable during production, quick insertion of moulds allows the replacement of the shapes in a few seconds, allowing an extreme flexibility of use of the ravioli machine which is particularly suitable for the production of various shapes in the same production cycle. An innovative molding system has been adopted on over 60 moulds for ravioli. In order to obtain a perfect sealing of the ravioli sheets and to avoid leaking of the filling during cooking, an effective closing method has been applied; During the ravioli formation a special relief system around the filling seat performs an effective expultion of the filling between the edges of the sheets ensuring adequate sealing

Interchangeable moulds for the production of already separated ravioli

  • 4 couples of cutters for the preparation of noodles, tagliatelle, angel hair and pappardelle, guitar spaghetti.
Technical data


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