TS 250

Automatic pasta cutter

Automatic pasta cutter with interchangeable moulds for automatic calibration and automatic cutting of pasta for the production of long pasta (noodles, noodles, pappardelle, angel hair, guitar spaghetti, lasagne). The technical characteristics are: 

• variable speed rollers with inverter to automatically manage the production quantity 

• sheet thickness from 0 to 3 mm with precision graduated numerator 

• cutting blade for cross-cutting of the sheet to the desired length adjusted by inverter and managed by PLC. The application allows you to adjust the cutting blade with continuous or intermittent rotation, thus obtaining a wide range of custom cutting lengths 

• rapid replacement of moulds for cutting the sheet of pasta with the possibility of using moulds with various sizes 

• conveyor belt for conveying the finished product 

• the rame with wheels is paint free and is equipped with safety devices in accordance with current laws 

• optional: flour duster

Technical data


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