RSC 250

Continous filling ravioli maker

Double sheet ravioli machine with interchangeable molds for the production of already separated ravioli with soft fillings of meat, fish, vegetables and cheese in various sizes. Among the main features one can highlight:

• cm 25 calibrator rollers with diameters larger than 55 mm mounted on lubricated-free bearings

• Feed filling system with auger for continuous feeding of soft fillings

• Automatic management of the production quantity of ravioli with inverter for controlling the rolling speed of the sheet

• Inverter for automatic speed control of the auger to adjust the amount of filling inserted into the ravioli.

• Handy side conveyor for feeding the funnel of the continuous ravioli machine. The filling is challenged to the auger without having to stop the machine

• Easy removal of the funnel and auger to speed up cleaning operations

• Placement of all transmission and motorizing elements at the top of the machine to drastically reduce maintenance and achieve precise alignment and rotation stability of the auger even with tougher filling

• Rapid insertion of moulds to replace the size in seconds, allowing for extreme flexibility of use of the ravioli machine, which is particularly suitable for the production of various sizes in the same production cycle

• Innovative forming system adopted on over 60 moulds of ravioli. In order to obtain a perfect sealing of the ravioli leaves, and to avoid leaking of the filling during cooking, an efficient closing method was applied; during the sealing of the ravioli a special relief system obtained around the filling seat performs an effective expultion of the filling by the ravioli edge by ensuring proper sealing

• Conveyor belt for conveying the finished product to the baskets. The ravioli maker is on wheels.

• pasta waste recovery device


  • automatic pasta cutter for automatic production of lasagna sheets, noodles, tagliatelle, angel hair and pappardelle, guitar spaghetti. This equipment allows you to accurately determine the thickness, the length and the width of the cut, the moulds are interchangeable in a few seconds
  • flour duster
Technical data