RS 250 ravioli maker

Double sheets ravioli machine 

Double sheet ravioli maker with interchangeable molds for the production of already separated ravioli with soft fillings of meat, fish, vegetables and cheese in various sizes. Among the main features one can highlight:

• 25 cm calibrating rollers with diameter mm 55 mounted on lubricated-free bearings

• stuff dosage with a press system that allows the use of soft fillings. The amount of filling adjustable during processing

• rapid insertion of moulds to replace the shape in a few seconds, allowing for extreme flexibility of use of the ravioli machine, which is particularly suitable for the production of various sizes in the same production cycle

• innovative forming system adopted on over 60 moulds for production of detached ravioli. In order to obtain a perfect sealing of the ravioli leaves and to avoid leaking of the filling during cooking, an efficient closing method was applied. During the ravioli formation a special relief system around the filling seat performs an effective expulsion of the filling between the sheets of the board ensuring adequate sealing

• conveyor belt for conveying the finished product to the baskets. The ravioli machine is on wheels 

•  Back roller for recovery of unused scraps

• optional: flouring duster 

Technical data


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