RC 140 cappelletti machine

Cappelletti, tortelloni, ravioli maker

Automatic cappelletti machine with interchangeable moulds for the production of small and medium sized cappelletti, tortelloni, and single sheet ravioli shapes such as half-moon,square stuffed with dry fillings of meat or cheese. The machine is available in either 140mm or 250mm sheet sizes, both featuring adjustable dough sheet thickness. Among the main features we can highlight:

• mm 160 calibrator rollers mounted on lubricated-free bearings

• adjustable sheet thickness

• filling system in continuous with adjustable portion control

• continuous filling power with auger system, filling quantity adjustable during processing

• introduction of filling in the cappelletto through rods

• control of the rolling speed of the sheet with inverter

• fan for pasta moisture

• funnel, stainless steel tube and auger filling are removeable to facilitate cleaning operations

• the parts in contact with the filling and the dough are made of food approved materials

• The cappelletti machine is on wheels  


Technical data