Gnocchi Maker 

Gnocchi machine manufactured for the production of gnocchi with potatoes or with potatoes dumpling mixes it is equipped with a device for adjusting the size and the groove of the dumpling. The machine is complete with automatic flour dispenser to dust dumplings and a device that allows to produce both smooth and striped dumplings. To automatically manage the amount of dumplings production, an inverter is installed to control the feeding auger speed, an additional inverter manages the speed of the cutting blades to determine the length and size of the dumplings. The practical lateral conveyor allows the dough to be fed continuously by directly directing the dough on the auger without having to stop the machine. In addition to the funnel and the auger, the modeling block of the GN6 model is easily removable and allows faster cleaning operations. Thanks to the rapid interchangeability of the forming block, it is possible to produce dumplings with different diameters from the classic to the small chicche and consequently to optimize and diversify the production. The positioning of all transmission and engine components at the top of the machine has made it possible to completely reduce maintenance and to achieve precise alignment and rotation stability of the auger even with hard dough. The parts in contact with the dough are made of food materials that offer a complete corrosion guarantee and are completely removable to facilitate accurate and quick cleaning. The dumpling machine is on wheels.

Technical data