A 250 K

Automatic pasta sheet machine cm 25 wide with mixer kg 35

Automatic pasta sheeter for the production of pasta cm 25 wide with a thickness of 5/6 mm with a large dough mixer kg 35 with removable shaft, with shutter and independent motorization. The laminator unit of the sheet maker consists of 3 pairs of stainless steel rollers with special profiles assembled on four shoulders. The rollers are mounted on maintenance-free and lubricated bearings. The mechanical elements are spaced 20 mm from the inside polyethylene supports in contact with the dough, eliminating the possibility of moisture in ltration into the bearings and the contamination of the laminated dough from any kind of impurities, also facilitating cleaning. The proper size of the calibrators allows for professional lamination without any stress, prevents the heating of the dough and guarantees pasta with the ideal organoleptic qualities. The cleaning operations are fast, the dough mixer shaft is removeable. The motorized conveyor belt automatically rolls the sheet and sets the size of the roll of dough.

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