From the 70s up to 1985 almost 80% of our market was Italian, but now the situation has been reversed. Today, 80% of our pasta machine sales market is foreign, whereas "only" 20% is Italian. In the pasta machinery sector, Italy is recognized as the world's leading producer of pasta machines, both for the quality of the machines and for the possibility of development combined with the finished product. Stuffed pasta and fresh pasta are generally the basis of Italian cuisine, well known all over the world. In recent decades there has been a growing demand for quality, flexibility and safety in machinery by professional pasta makers. In foreign markets more and more fresh pasta is catching on, compared to the dry one, this not only in specialized retail stores, but also in large hotel chains and restaurants, starred and not.
For example, in the Middle East markets, Dubai above all, they invest in the purchase of machines to replicate the quality of the made in Italy product. In restaurants, for example, the use of our machines is very appreciated, as they are compact and versatile, they are a unique support to satisfy and create filled pasta with the chef's flair.

The company has been operating since 1979 in the pasta-making machinery sector. We manufacture machines for artisan and medium-sized pasta manufacturers, renowned for its reliability, robustness and ease of use. At the headquarters in Lomazzo Como, the machines are designed with the help of computers and are made with numerical control machines that ensure high quality standards. Our machinery made in Italy has been used in the world for decades to produce fresh and stuffed pasta with excellent Italian quality and genuineness. The production range includes pasta makers, multi-purpose machines for pasta and ravioli, semi-automatic and automatic sheeter machines, pasta cutter, machines for producing cappelletti, dumplings, double-sheets ravioli in various shapes thanks to the interchangeability of molds with production capacity of 10 to 300 kg per hour .


Our goal is to be increasingly competitive in the market, creating new machines, new formats and keeping prices under control, thanks to a production that is totally internal to the company. This allows us to optimize times, materials and resources. One fact will never change, the passion for our work and the desire to produce machines that are able to enhance the best of Made in Italy.